Rexer Ltd. has been dealing with developing and producing kitcars since 1991. First car was named REX R-10. There was three different body types:

REX R-101 coupe

REX R-102 targa

REX R-103 cabrio

     During the process chassis was constantly developed further. Based on acquired experiences decision was made to replace REX R-10 with completely new model. In new model acquired experiences were capitalized, fixed previous design defects and several general improvements were made to make it a better car.

Rex R-10                                                        Rex R-12

      Today our main product is the world’s most popular hobby car - AC Shelby Cobra 427 replica. Car what was born at the race track to be the best among others.

     REX R-12 Cobra is as tailored suit - there isn't and most probably will not be two identical cars. Its Your opportunity to get for yourself a car what is made exactly for You and not for anybody else.